Property Management with Zeidler Waller

Get to know Charlie

Passionate about what she does and leaving no stone unturned, Charlie’s drive comes from gaining outcomes that change her client’s financial position in providing quality housing to the Illawarra community. 

Creating a space in 2014, Charlie and Christian’s visions on what they wanted for the property space was clear – customer-focused, community representatives and astute professionals. People who have been able to work alongside Charlie have been witness to her clients being a priority. “Representing a home in the Illawarra Community isn’t something I take lightly. We all deserve quality housing and it is important that we align ourselves with like-minded property owners and properties.”

It was a major task getting everything ready for tenants on a tight deadline and you went above and beyond. Nothing was too much trouble.


A strategic and holistic approach towards your goals

Charlie encompasses a holistic approach when discussing your investment with her. “Understanding the objectives, positions and outcomes required by the property owner allows me to assist with information beyond the leasing and tenancy investment space. In the countless hours that I have spent educating myself to ensure that all our clients are exposed to all options available is what gives our clients the competitive edge when we represent their property in the Illawarra Community.” 

Things to consider when leasing your property
Preparing your property for the rental market can be a process, here are four things you need to know when leasing your property

Know your potential rental value

Market knowledge, occupant trends, seasons, and your competition is what you will be considering when you are looking to know your rental potential.

Executing your marketing and presenting your home to the market with a competitive edge is where our concierge team comes together to explore all avenues leaving no stone unturned

Know your property manager

Where does the buck stop? Who is actually representing you and your investment? With average property prices circulating around the million-dollar mark it is really important to know who has the keys to your investment.

It is when a fork in the road comes along that you need to ensure you trust your representation is equipped with all the information to ensure all parties are best protected. 

Know your investment strategy

What is you’re why? What are you hoping to achieve from having an investment property and how can our team help you achieve your property goals?

Providing transparency and clear communication on your strategy behind an investment allows our investment management team to assist you and your property goals. Seeing you succeed is the driving force that really confirms our love for this industry.

Know your timeline

How long will it take to execute effectivley? Money is time and time is money. How can we help you achieve your timeline?

In communicating the timeline upfront and assisting where possible to achieve the outcome of getting your property physically into a position to show potential tenants through, and continuing until the property is ready for a condition report is where our concierge team assists you in the preparation.

Each property has a different timeline, however, our adaptable team is ready to work with all scenarios.

Ready to lease out your property?