Selling with Zeidler Waller

Get to know Christian

Holding numerous street records for house sales and block records for units, Christian’s experience in negotiation and his ability to read a situation is what’s stands him aside from the rest of the field.

The opinions of his clients at the end of their sales are a testament to a concerted team effort and proven record evident by repeat clients coming back to what they know and trust.

Working with Christian has been a pleasure. His urgency and persistence to achieve the best price possible for us was to be admired.


Over 30 years of combined experience creating results that speak for themselves

Christian prides himself on his ability and application in being able to have the tough conversations necessary in the stress-laden world of property sales.

It’s evident early in his energy that Christian loves what he does and knows full well the difference in people’s lives the right result can make.

Things to consider when preparing your property for sale
The number one rule of selling a property is presenting it to the market. A beautifully presented property creates an emotional connection with your buyers. An emotional price, is by and large a much higher price than a logical price, when they fall in love with your home the results follow. From the first glimpse online your photo’s should “jump off the screen”, eyecatching, colourful, artistically beautiful images become click bait and capture a buyer’s attention. Then once they actually physically inspect your home the feelings of relaxed comfort, happiness and hope are how we want your buyers to feel.

Know your properties value

This is determined on a professional level by obtaining data of past sales. Understanding the property and land components provide you with an idea of where we can see the property will sit in the market. Local sales data and trends combined with the product you have on offer will enable our team to guide you with this knowledge and there may even be unlocked investment potential that we could expose to you.

Understanding the value will allow you to truly allow the rest of the formula to produce the results that speak for themselves.

Know your agent

Selling the family home, your first apartment, or investment property, really doesn’t matter. Choosing the right agent is key to getting the best result possible for your property. Transparency, trust, and communication skills are 3 main factors to consider when you are selecting representation. The channels need to be open and you need to be able to trust your selection to ensure that you are in the best position at the start of the process. Ask us, our past clients, and come take a look at what we are doing with our current listings to truly get to understand how we can nurture you and your buyers through this process. We pride ourselves on ensuring we understand your motivation, your reason, and your objective in the transaction to allow us to best communicate and uncover the sale potential of the property for you.

Local knowledge is something that we have been born with and understanding this is paramount to our success for your sale.

Know your investment

Understanding that not only do you have a property to sell, but what additional investments can you make that will return above their sales value is another key factor. Investing in your property in the form of advertising, styling & enhancements to truly allow the people to emotionally connect with your home. Our concierge manager is here to walk you through the investment journey in preparing your home for sale.

Once purchasers actually physically inspect your home the feelings of relaxed comfort, happiness and hope are how we want your buyers to feel. Investing in your process with property styling is the ultimate in having your home appeal to a wider audience. Were not just after one person who may fall in love with your home, we want 4 or more buyers making bids/offers. This drives the competition and shortens the days on market. Employing a professional always helps drive the ultimate outcome.

Know your timeline

How long is this process going to take and what resources can our team offer you to execute such in a timely manner without this becoming a burden and a bigger task than what it is meant to be. Lean on us and allow our team to create realistic expectations on when everything is done and how in a concierge type approach to allow you to focus on the other day-to-day events that are happening behind the scenes whilst working on the sale of the home.

If your thinking of selling your property, we’re always here to help.